Winning companies of the future will connect instead of employing people. How to build business communities?

In the light of technology revolution competence of building winning teams is no longer a determinant of the quality of the leader. In the age of such rapid changes leader’s role will be the ability to gather people and build communities around the idea. This brings huge changes in what the leader should be.

One of the most important points in the agenda at the Davos meeting was the discussion on the future of leadership in the world. It was discussed in the context of the IV technology revolution – process automation, artificial intelligence and robotics.


Leadership is a privilege – a lesson for young managers

Every day, there are more and more managers in Poland. In the outsourcing sector itself, nearly 20,000 team leaders, operational managers and senior managers are struggling with high employee turnover, looking for ways to engage their people and they often expose themselves to solitary coping with stress and everyday challenges. Being a manager is a responsibility. However, it is also a kind of ennoblement, because employees basically consider their supervisors as a direct representative of the company. How, then, to realize yourself and at the same time meet the needs of employees so they want to stay with us?