Corporate Differently is a data driven, psychological approach to understand world-views or systems of thinking (perspectives) of individuals, teams and organisations

Model tackles how people are about to respond to the world around them in given circumstances and with their particular coping abilities  (rather than categorising people as 'types')

Model combines hygienic and motivational factors with these world views (perspectives) giving comprehensive answer on why people do what they do, how they set up goals, manage challenges and solve problems

Structure of world views (perspectives) of employees in organisation on average:

WARRIOR - seeing world from "self" perspective mainly (5% in leadership)
GUARANTOR - seeing world from security perspective mainly (30% in leadership)
ENTERPRENEUR - seeing world from 'success' perspective mainly (50% in leadership)
INTEGRATOR - seeing world from people perspective mainly (15% in leadership)

* each company might differ to the average structure and should be subject of individual research

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