Our vision is organisations to be led
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we make a difference in leadership

Corporate Differently Model Foundation

Why employees do what they do?

Corporate Differently is a data driven, psychological approach giving comprehensive answer on why people do what they do, how they set up goals, manage challenges and solve problems

How employees sees reality in organisation on average:

WARRIOR - seeing world from "self" perspective mainly (5% in leadership)
GUARANTOR - seeing world from security perspective mainly (30% in leadership)
ENTERPRENEUR - seeing world from 'success' perspective mainly (50% in leadership)
INTEGRATOR - seeing world from people perspective mainly (15% in leadership)

* each company might differ to the average structure and should be subject of individual research

The way how teams are structured and led determines retention, innovation, growth, communication and change management


We help organisations to understand their company culture.

Synergy Index is easy to be implement and practical in use tool for Executives, Managers, Change Management Agents and HR Departments helping them in understanding level of synergy between organisation, managers and employees.


We help you in retention of your staff and significantly decrease attrition in teams

ROI: up to 400% in 6 months
Results: attrition decreased by 20%-40%
Implementation timeframe: 3-6 month
Business Model: Success Fee

Corporate Differently Leadership program
Manager's DNA 

Program helps organisations to develop effective first line managers to be successful

Is a first online program for Team Leaders and Managers with practical management tools to be used immediately at work

By using our experience form Harvard Business School Program, social learning, interactions between students and online moderation
we reached out 90% of graduation ratio vs. 2-14%* in typical online courses

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of Leadership Experience on Senior Positions
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We make a difference in leadership

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