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Synergy Index

We help you to understand your company culture

Synergy Index is a diagnostic model which measures in practical way level of synergy between organisational, managerial and employees objectives.

Synergy Index is based on universal model of prof. Graves which has been applied
to measure social integration level across the globe
In many organisations has been applied to manage change in effective way.

Synergy Index is easy to be implement and practical in use tool for Executives, Managers, Change Management Agents and HR Departments.

Early Prevention System (EPS)

We help you in retention of your staff
and significantly decrease attrition

ROI: up to 400% in 6 months
Results: attrition decreased by 20%-40%
Implementation timeframe: 3-6 month
Business Model: Success Fee

EPS is simple to be implemented and practical in use management system to help your managers in spotting out employees needs, challenges and frustrations in early stage and manage them effectively.

For Team Leaders and Managers

Corporate Differently Leadership program
Manager's DNA

Is a first online program for Team Leaders and Managers
with practical management tools to be used immediately at work

By using our experience form Harvard Business School Program,
social learning, interactions between students and online moderation
we reached out 90% of graduation ratio vs. 2-14%* in typical online courses

6 weeks online program:

1. Know you better as a leader
2. Business Environment
3. Managers and Employees
4. Motivation, Engagement and Recognition
5. Delegation and Execution
6. Feedback and effective meeting

program is based on Corporate Differently personal leadership program.

Thanks to combining social learning with online tools we were able to neutralised "first week after the training" effect where students are exited, but then came back to old habits afterwords.

Program is ideal for Team Leaders who were promoted from the team, for organisations which has spreed managers across different locations

Program helps organisations to develop effective first line managers to be successful.

* based on Pensilvania University researches

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